Rory Branford

Rory Branford is a powerful Trinidadian business leader and visionary, whose entrepreneurial acumen and strong work ethic positioned the Branford Group of companies for rapid, sustainable growth over the past decade. Today, the Branford Group comprises five subsidiaries with an expanding footprint across the Caribbean region.

At age 24, Rory started his first company by providing truck transportation services. Since then, he has become an unstoppable force in business. He subsequently took the bold step of leading his Group full-time as Managing Director and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations: Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. As a result, each of his early subsidiaries which included Branford General Contracting Services and Branford Automotive achieved outstanding performance results over the past decade, with strong revenue growth and high customer retention and acquisition.

Rory has always had a strong passion for entrepreneurship, and he is committed to meeting the dynamic market demands of the wider Caribbean Region. He is also an exceptional leader and motivator, who nurtures an environment of innovation across the Group’s operations. As an impactful public speaker, Rory regularly presents at reputable, global seminars and conferences.

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